A Competitors Experience

PacNat9-020When I started sailing with school, I wasn’t sure what to expect, I had my first week in the t – squad before moving to the B team. I Team raced in the B’s for a while before being selected to crew for the A’s. By this time I was loving the sport and we were having a great season. The other schools, including Moreton Bay Girls and Moreton Bay Boys, BBC, Churchie, Iona and TSS, were great opposition and provided a level playing field. We managed to win the GPS championships and continued to the Schools Teams Racing State Championship. We came second in States and therefore gained a place in the National Championships in Tasmania. The competition and the venue were amazing and it was a big shock coming from the warm waters of Moreton Bay to the icy waters of Tasmania.

The sport of Team Racing is great fun because it requires strategy, tactics, speed and communication. The Pacers are ideal for Team Racing because they are strong, fast and stable. They are easily manoeuvrable and require constant communication between the crew and skipper. Generally the skipper is a grade 11 or 12 boy or girl, sailing with a grade 8 or 9 crew. This mixed age partnership is quite unique and the senior mentoring a junior is not found in many other sports. I never thought I would enjoy sailing so much, and I would love to think that one day I might get to race in large yachts or even in the Americas Cup! They are amazing boats with cutting edge technology and they require extreme skill and team-work to sail them.


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