Team Sailing Gains Popularity

The core of success for team racing is teamwork. Team racing is very tactical and technical with a need for adequate boat speed and handling. Teams’ racing traditionally involves 6 boats of the same class (3 from each competing team) with each race aiming to be approximately 8 minutes in length. The winning team is the team with the least number of total points. For each boat that crosses the finish line, their place contributes directly to their teams points (i.e. 1st place is 1 point and 5th place is 5 points).

team-2This form of racing can be done on any type of course however the most common is the “S” course which can be seen below. This format puts a premium on team racing tactics rather than the outcome being decided by pure boat speed. Teams are given a 3 minute countdown which then signals the start of racing. Between this 3 minute period and when each boat crosses the finish line, they must use both speed and the Racing Rules of Sailing to their advantage to get their entire team the best positions possible.

Understanding the rules, leadership, team work and communication are integral
for a successful outcome. Like any team sport, sailboat team racing is a team game with a higher level of complexity than normal sailing. Team racing draws on organisational, coaching and umpiring skills.
Being a member of a team gives young sailors the opportunity to experience high quality interaction with others, and to benefit from it.

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